Curt Kearney, MA, LCPC

I like to work collaboratively with my patients in a fairly organized way. I'd first want to spend time assessing together what is going on that's contributing to your troubles. Once we have a good idea of what's going on, we can work on it better! That would be a major focus of the first handful of sessions, including some written inventories I'd ask you to do as home and then we'd talk about.


If you are having really painful feelings or problems right now (including depression or anxiety), I'd want to help you with specific actions and skills you can take right now to get some relief. (These skills and actions would probably mostly be drawn from DBT and CBT.) If you are interested in changing problematic life patterns that are long term (that maybe go back to childhood or adolescence and maybe come up as problems in relationships, recurring painful emotions, or problems in your work life), I'll probably recommend that we use Schema Therapy in our work together. (Schema Therapy is a wonderful "integrative psychotherapy." It puts together several effective psychotherapies, including psychoanalytic object relations, CBT, DBT, Gestalt imagery work, and a focus on the positive power of our therapy relationship. Schema Therapy can be quite effective and might be a good fit especially if you've felt only relatively superficial relief from previous therapy.)


In addition to general practice, I have specialties in personality disorders, eating disorders, CBT, DBT, lifestyle and nutrition for mental health, Jungian therapy, mindfulness/meditation, ritual and psychospiritual concerns in psychotherapy, psychoanalytic therapy, aromatherapy, herbalism, and wilderness/nature therapy. I also provide training and supervision to other therapists, mostly in Schema Therapy and integrative mental health.


Linkedin has information on my experience and education:


Seeking psychotherapy is something that takes real courage and real need and can be of great benefit. I'd like to take this opportunity to congratulate you on the efforts you are making. Let me know if I might be able to be of help.