Welcome to Lighthouse Whole Health, the private practice site for Curt Kearney, MA, LCPC.

I provide psychotherapy drawing on the best approaches that I know of. I like to collaborate with the people I work with (two heads are better than one!) to find more of their own well being and vitality.

I draw on some of the best of “conventional” psychotherapy, like CBT, DBT, ACT, and psychoanalytic psychotherapy, to more innovative methods, such as IFS (Internal Family Systems therapy), Schema Therapy, and meditation/mindfulness based approaches.  

I also draw on my background in integrative health approaches for steps around your body, your physical well being, which is often so foundational to emotional well being. These might included, nutrition, exercise, herbalism, aromatherapy, healthy sleep, all geared towards your mental health.

I am also open to spiritual/religious approaches, if that is or might be a good fit for you. I am happy to work with traditions you have or that you might be interested in for your mental health. I am deeply respectful of traditions from the West, East, and Native communities. Or we can explore your own personal “spark of life” and practices that you might creatively want to work with for your well being.

I am also think it is important to focus some explicitly on healthy relationships. We’re social animals, we need each other!

This sort of approach is often called an “integrative” approach in that it can integrate work with your body, mind, spirit, and communities for your well being. I also think of it as integrative in that sense of the collaboration between therapist and patient/client.

I also have a network of colleagues I collaborate with regularly if you might be interested in exploring other specialized treatment options, like psychiatrists, body workers, integrative medicine physicians, ketamine (psychedelic) assisted psychotherapy partners, and so on. (As the laws allow, I will be expanding the psychedelic assisted psychotherapy focus of my practice beyond just ketamine. I am a facilitator in Usona Institute’s psilocybin for depression phase 2 study. Data from this study will be submitted to the US FDA for possible reassignment of psilocybin to be a prescribable mental health medicine.) 

Please feel free to reach out if you’d like to see about starting therapy. I usually like to have a brief phone conversation so that we can get to know each other a bit and see if working together might be a good fit.