My name is Curt Kearney. I am a psychotherapist in Evanston, Illinois and remotely via telehealth. I think it might be helpful if I tell you a little about how I tend to work.

I find it’s most helpful and enjoyable working with people collaboratively so that we can both help with your well being and vitality. I have wide training so we can customize drawing on several approaches to well being and growth, including:

Psychotherapy approaches such as: Internal Family Systems. CBT. DBT. Psychoanalytic psychotherapy. Schema Therapy.

Integrative body approaches for mental health such as: Nutrition. Exercise. Lifestyle. Herbalism.

If you think it might be useful for you, I am also open to working with “psychospiritual” approaches such as meditation, ritual, prayer, including religious traditions you might have as part of your life. These can be wonderful healing opportunities.

I am also part of the resurgence of psychedelics for mental health. I am a therapist in Usona Institute’s research study of psilocybin for depression. I cannot work with currently illegal substances in my practice until they become legal, but we can draw on preparation and integration work if that is part of your healing and growing options.

I also collaborate with other professionals I have working relationships with, such as psychiatrists, group and couple therapists, and body workers.